Safety drills will be held throughout the year to acquaint students with procedures to be used in case of emergency.  When the fire alarm sounds, leave the building by the nearest exit immediately.  Do not run, but do not hesitate. Once outside, proceed a safe distance away from the building and await roll call.  If you are separated from your class, find your class outside, so that you can be accounted for, then wait for the signal to return to class. In the event that you cannot find your class, find the nearest class to you and have that teacher account for you.


Other safety drills will be held to acquaint students with procedures during lockdown situations, weather emergencies, or situations that would require on or off-site evacuation.  Announcements will be made for codes, and teachers will follow procedures in place. For the safety of everyone, students will not be permitted to use cell phones during this time. In the event of an actual emergency, parents will be sent a text notification via remind with information as we can release it.  Please refrain from posting about code situations on social media. Not only does it potentially spread unofficial information, it also can endanger the students and staff by letting the public know that the school is in a vulnerable position. The safety of our students is our first priority. We will have procedures in place for notification of parents with official information.