Habitual Violation of School Rules

Habitual Violation of School Rules Policy:

Proposed Habitual Violation of School Rules Policy:


At 5 referrals: Phone call made home and parents made aware that 6th referral will result in a mandatory parent meeting before student can return to class. (will be in ISS until then)



6th referral: Mandatory meeting held with SAT team. SPL behavior process initiated, with target behavior interventions in place.


10th Referral: Up to 5 days OSS-Meeting held to revisit behavioral contract. (Failure of parents to attend meeting will result in automatic placement in alternative education)


15th Referral: Either recommended expulsion or student can enter Alt Ed voluntarily.


If the student enters alt ed on their own:


Students will be in placement for the duration of a grading period. They may apply for reinstatement at the end of each grading period, provided that the placement was made prior to the midterm of the current grading period. Placements made after the midterm of the grading period will run until the end of the next grading period.


Students must:

-Make satisfactory academic progress (be passing all their classes)

-Have faithful attendance at alt ed (no unexcused absences)

-No discipline issues


They may apply for reinstatement provided that they meet all the criteria listed above. If readmitted, the student will have a probationary period of one nine weeks where they will adhere to the same criteria listed above. They will have targeted behavioral interventions. Failure to adhere to the conditions will result in the student returning to alt ed. Provided that the student successfully completes the probationary period, they will be unconditionally reinstated at the start of the next grading period.