Driving to SCHS is a privilege not a right and is reserved for those who have a need to drive and exhibit acceptable behavior and responsibility. Faithfully attending school and being on time is of paramount importance.  The main office will record tardies at the end of each day. Habitual disciplinary referrals may result in forfeiture of the driving/parking permit.  Because parking spaces are limited driving/parking permits will be issued on a per need basis.  A student must maintain a 2.00 grade point average. Parking Pass $75.00 annual fee (incentive program can reduce this cost). Priority will be given to those who drive to a job site, do community service, participate in after school activities or have a specific and identifiable need.  The principal may issue a one-day parking permit if some extenuating circumstance exists.  Students and parents must complete a driving request form.   If a student is to transport other students then the driver’s parents must indicate permission on the form.  The student rider’s parents must also indicate permission.  These forms are designed to relieve the school of responsibility for students’ welfare while traveling to and from school.  Students approved to drive vehicles to SCHS will be issued a Parking Tag that is to be attached to the rear view mirror of the vehicle with the number visible to the front.

Parking permit tags are the property of SCHS and must be surrendered upon request.  The holder of the parking permit agrees not to keep any WEAPONS, ILLEGAL DRUGS or ALCOHOL in the vehicle while on school property.  The permit holder agrees to consent to a search of the vehicle on school grounds by school officials or law enforcement without notice.

All vehicles must be parked in the designated area and remain locked and unoccupied during the school day.  Students may not return to their vehicles until in the end of the instructional day. Vehicles are never to impede the travel of school buses on school property or on the highway.  Students are not to transport unauthorized persons at any time.

Failure to abide by these rules or other school regulations or traffic safety laws will result in the loss of the driving or riding privilege and/or other disciplinary measures.


Vehicle Parking Violation – Level 1 (Tardies and no parking tag visible)

  1. Warning, Permit must be purchased
  2. Loss of driving privilege for 5 days, $5.00 Fine
  3. Loss of driving privilege for 10 days, $10.00 Fine
  4. Loss of Driving for 30 days, $15.00 Fine
  5. Parking Permit Revoked, $20.00 Fine
  6. Police contacted for trespassing, Vehicle towed.