West Virginia law requires attendance for students enrolled in school. The privilege to attend school places upon students the responsibility of faithful attendance. Remember, attendance and academic success go hand in hand. Student absences will be excused for the following reasons according to WV Code 18-8-1 and 18-8-2 and county policy:



West Virginia Code 18-8-1 and 18-8-2 and county policy permits students to be excused from school for:

  1. Physical or mental incapacity of the student verified by the parent/guardian not to exceed three (3) consecutive or five (5) total days per year. Verification by a physician is required when absences exceed three (3) consecutive days or five (5) total days per year
  2. In Alternative setting
  3. Bus, Failure to Run
  4. Calamity (Fire, Flood, etc.)
  5. Health Exclusions
  6. Death in Family
  7. Homebound Instruction
  8. Illness in Family (verified by doctor)
  9. Leave of Educational Value with PRIOR approval of the school administrator
  10. Legal Obligation (with verification)
  11. Medical Appointment
  12. Military
  13. Religious Holiday
  14. School Approved Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activity


Students must turn in written absence excuses that include the student’s name, parent/legal guardian signature, date of absence. Excuses should be given to your 1st period teacher, turned into the office or placed in the attendance box near the main office.  Any absence not meeting the above requirements shall be considered unexcused.  All Out of School Suspension (OSS) days are considered unexcused.